Week 7 – Investigating Netflix

As we continue to explore alternative methods to identify back-instances behind front-end VMs, I also began to investigate Netflix as a candidate for study. Netflix is built atop Amazon Web Services and utilizes their services from streaming and content delivery.  It is also a strong option for investigation due to the numerous resources and documentation surrounding its infrastructure including the Netflix blog and its numerous open source projects available on Github.

In my initial research I discovered that Netflix has moved away from relying solely on Amazon’s elastic load balancer and built Eureka for middle-tier load balancing and discovery , Zuul for front-end load balancing, and other services. For example, Eureka offers both round-robin load balancing as well as more advanced load-balancing algorithms.  An interesting fact is that if one examines the Netflix landing page they can see the server id  and region listed at the bottom of the page. An initial inquiry is to make simultaneous requests to Netflix’s landing pages, pull the server id off those pages and examine the results to see if we can identify some sort of pattern.

For this and next week I will be working on writing a Python script to scrape the server id information as well as reading more to understand Netflix’s cloud infrastructure setup.