Week 15 ( 2nds Sems) – NSDI 2015

I have recently returned from  NSDI 2015 in Oakland, CA. Overall, I enjoyed the experience; it was very interesting to listen to the paper presentations and learn about the types of research being conducted at such a high level. Two presentations in particular stuck out to me.  Phd researchers from the University of Cambridge gave a presentation on how jumping queues ( Qjump) can lower latency in a data centers. I especially enjoyed this talk because I was familiar with several OS-related concepts and was therefore able to follow along easily.  During the Wireless Track, researchers from MIT presented a system to track several people, both stationary and moving, utilizing wireless signals. They even had an real-life demonstration where they were able to localize a stationary volunteer based on his heartbeat. The paper was titled Multi-Person Localization via RF Body Reflections.

On Monday night I attended an BoF ( Birds of a Feather) session for Students and Young Professionals. There, I was able to meet other younger researchers like myself and trade stories, discuss the presentations of the day, and generally socialize. Finding such a great group of people with similar experiences really made my time at NSDI truly enjoyable.