Week 11 ( 2nd Sems) – Conference Registration + WhoWas Data

This week I finished registration and booking to attend the NDSI 2015 conference in Oakland, CA. Fortunately, the cost of the trip will be covered with a combination of CREU funds and the NDSI travel grant I received.

We also discussed looking at some old WhoWas data to investigate some preliminary hypotheses.  First, we thought it would be useful search the cloud space to see what sort of load-balancing services, if any,  were in use. The old WhoWas data is stored in a mysql database, so this task is as simple a running a sql query on the server field of IP header packet tables. Secondly, we also wish to explore the scenario such that if vms are behind a load balancer, would the reverse DNS lookup of those vm’s IPs resolve to the same domain name? The potential issue lies in that domain names in the cloud may be a generic individualized format  ( www.some-ip.aws.amazon.com” rather than an shared domain name. Without a shared domain name, we cannot map or clusters those  of IPs. Therefore  by performing reverse DNS lookups on IP clusters from the old WhoWas data, we can try to establish ground truth on this issue.